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WITHDRAWN: Benchmark Precision Springfield 9mm

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Continue with thinning down my gun collection this year. Up next is a Benchmark Precision Springfield 9mm. Rob D’Andrea build outstanding 1911s and is no longer doing full build. Gun has less than 100 rounds through it and is in like new condition. $3000 + shipping from my FFL with the original Stoner G10 grips. Gun comes with 2 mags and original Springfield case. The optional crackled mammoth grips can be included for $375 extra. I can't seem to locate the build sheet at the moment but will update the post when I find it.

Not a fire sale so no offers please and there will not be a price drop. Payment method is flexible but electronic payment is preferred. Can do local pickup in the Houston, TX area. Please post "I'll take it" in the thread to eliminate any confusion. Note: I will NOT call your FFL to get copy of their license for shipping.

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^^^^ and at bargain pricing. Never understood that. At any rate a beautiful pistol, from a top 'smith, at a killer price. Should be gone already
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