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Slowly selling off my 1911 collection item #3

I currently have five Tussey built handguns. I will be keeping two and selling off three. This one is the second of the three that is up for sale

For your consideration, I am offering a Colt Government .45 acp in 99% condition.


Slide to frame fit
Barrel fit to slide
Polished feedramp
Exceptional trigger
Fit beavertail
Fit hammer
Front strap checkering
MSH checkered
Full length guide rod
Tuned ejector
Tuned extractor
Matt chrome frame
Fiber optic front sight (green)
Kensight rear sight with Trijicon inserts

Offering it for $2,700 $2,650 $2,600 shipped from me direct to your FFL.

In the process of obtaining build sheet.

Gun Brown Firearm Trigger White
Gun Brown Product Firearm Trigger
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Textile Red Stationery Carmine Pattern
Textile Gun Tan Trigger Gun accessory

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That is damn pretty!

Any details on the build?
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