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Withdrawn - Ed Brown Kobra Carry Lightweight Bobtail 45ACP NIB - 5 Hours Only!!!!

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This is a catch and release from a fellow Addict. I have been asked to offer it up here until 8pm CST today January 1, 2023 after which it will go back for sale on GB.
The Kobra Carry is a perfect choice for those who prefer a smaller model 1911, but insist on complete reliability. The slide has been reduced to the minimum possible (4.25") without significantly impairing the legendary reliability of the 5" slide. The frame has been modified with the innovative Ed Brown Bobtail® housing which reduces the projecting butt of the mainspring housing without sacrificing the full size frame and magazine capacity. The Bobtail® minimizes the print under your jacket when carrying and reduces weight. The functional simplicity has yet to be matched. Unique with the Carry series pistols is the innovative snakeskin treatment. It is a directional pattern, meaning it is smooth to slide your hand up, but bites in for a snug grip the other way where you need it. It's easier on the hands than checkering, and those who handle it can't stop bragging about it. Not to mention it just looks cool! The Kobra Carry is an innovative masterpiece, and a serious tool for those who want something a little different.

Build Specs:
  • 45ACP Commander
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Snakeskin treatment on frontstrap, backstrap, cocking serrations
  • No front cocking serrations
  • Flattened and serrated top of slide
  • Black Gen 4 finish - entire pistol
  • Single side safety
  • Ed Brown Bobtail®
  • Recessed slide stop
  • 3 hole long trigger
  • 3.5-4.5 lb. trigger pull
  • Tactical Edge rear sight, .156 u-notch
  • Green fiber optic front sight
  • Flush and reverse-crowned barrel
  • Double diamond black cherry bobtail grip panels
  • Concealed carry grip safety
This gun is in pristine condition and remains unfired since it left Ed Brown in July of this year. Comes with 2 magazines, manual, lock, short and tall mag base pads, bushing wrench, allen wrench, build sheet and bottle of oil all inside pistol bag with logo.

Reminder on the rules of the road:
  • First "I'll take it" on the thread buys the gun and trumps any deal you may be trying to negotiate in the interim.
  • If you want to pay with a credit card, you can do so at a 3% fee. I will also accept PayPal provided it is friends & family option with no comments in the notes field.
  • FedEx 2 Day Shipping is included in the price.
  • Texas Residents Pay Sales Tax (8.25%)
  • My photographs are not to be used for reselling the gun.
  • Some of the guns will be posted here and some on GunBroker.com ("texaspatriotarms"). For some of the full house customs that have a broader appeal and are more sought-after I will preview them on Instagram and list them here on Addicts the following night at 19:11 CST. Instagram prohibits the sale of firearms so I will be cryptic, and simply say "1911addicts.com - 19:11CST tomorrow". Make sure to follow me on Instagram ("texaspatriotarms") to get a heads-up preview of spectacular and rare guns going up for sale the following night on

Addicts Price: $3,000 Shipped, paper or plastic.

Click Here for Album: Ed Brown Kobra Carry
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These are very nice carry weapons. They do everything well. When I could still see open sights, this was one of my daily carry guns. As accurate as you can be.
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Own the same gun.
Great gun.
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Off to GB!!!
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Good luck.
I’ll be interested in seeing what it sells for.
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