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Bought new in spring of this year and sent off to Robert Burke for his trigger job. I had just received my Legion X5 from him the week before and decided to have him do this one too. No regrets. The trigger is even better than stock, and he upgrades a couple of internal parts in the process. The trigger job was $380 with return shipping. Copy of the invoice will be included.

I did not keep the Romeo 1 Pro that came with it - installed a Deltapoint Pro NV instead (bought new at about the same time). This can be included in the sale, or I can keep it. The buyer should know that there is no slide cover for the optics milling if the optic is removed. The DPP was roughly $460 new.

Selling this to help fund the new P226 X5. Looking to recover as much of what I have it this as possible, but well aware that I will take a loss. Gun has roughly 250 rounds through it and shows almost no wear - definitely no wear or scratches on the outside. It has never been holstered or carried. It has never even been outdoors. I baby my firearms and clean after each use.

Includes the Legion coin, Legion (5.11) range bag, original plastic case and everything that came in it. Includes 3 OEM 15 round magazines. If buyer wants the DPP, the box will come with it.

Looking for $1300 shipped (FFL to FFL) with no optic, or $1700 shipped as shown with the DPP NV.
USPS money orders (or cash if local) only. I will accept Paypal (under strict conditions) if necessary.
Ships by my FFL via his choice of ground shipments to your FFL. Please allow 2 business days for him to get it out the door once payment arrives - he's only open Tuesday through Saturday.

Need anything specific from me to ease your mind? Let me know. I'm also gotfish on ar15.com with a 501 / 100% feedback rating.

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