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Just thought I'd offer this up to the addicts, before I put it on Gunbroker next week. This COVID-19, has the company I work for closed. So I'll be out of work for an undetermined amount of time.
I have a Sig P225, 8 round, 9mm pistol. This is a West German pistol and dates to 1984 (JE). I bought this pistol last year used, and it's been sitting in my safe. It comes fitted with a stainless Bar-Sto barrel, TEN Sig FACTORY magazines, inside a Pelican VAULT case. I had a set of Sig X-Ray sights put on. I wasn't paying attention when I purchased them. I thought all Sig X-Ray sights were like the ones on their Legion pistols. No these are fiber optic, with a photoluminescent ring around the front sight. Which means they don't glow like tritium. They react to light and glow for short periods of time afterwards. Factory Sig P225 sights will also be included. Like I said, it comes with TEN FACTORY mags. These have been selling on Ebay for $45-60 each. Last week, a lot of 4 magazines in the same condition sold for $200. The finish on the slide is worn, it's worn though on the top rear of the slide. All of it is purely cosmetic and will not effect function. If additional photos are needed, I can provide them.
I'm asking $850 shipped, from my FFL to yours. I'll take Paypal F&F or USPS Money orders for payment. Otherwise I move it to Gunbroker in a few days.
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