Withdrawn... Wilson Combat Stainless CQB .45 acp 1911

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    The gun is 99%+ and has less than 500 rounds fired, the previous owner put 200 through the gun before I got it. I cannot find a single scratch or ding on the pistol. I field stripped it ONLY and cleaned the pistol and of course the bore.

    Everything that came with the gun is included.
    2 mags
    Test target
    Check List
    Copy of original invoice
    Plastic bag
    And plastic bags.

    When I first received the pistol the trigger was at 4 pounds, apparently there was heavy oil or dry oil on the fire control parts, today it measures at 3.5 pounds.

    This gun was $3400.00 when purchased new back in 2014.

    Three day inspection- refund less ALL postage if not as described.
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    That's sweet! I want to.

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