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Factory Noveske upper
300 AAC (blackout)
10.5" barrel with pistol gas system
Lower is an Anderson with CMC 3.5# flat trigger
SBA3 adjustible brace
I swapped the buffer out for a PSA heavy buffer.
Test fired only. about 40 rds. Functioned flawlessly. It was originally for the wife but she prefers her CZ Scorpion.

Can sell with or without the Aimpoint PRO and MBUS.

Upper: $1000
Complete rifle: 1300
Complete rifle with Aimpoint PRO and Diamondhead MBUS: $1600

1911s (of course, preferably 9mm). I can add more trade bait or $$$)
S&W wheelguns in 357 or 44 (barrels 2.5-3" only)
Leverguns in 357 or 44

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