Word you couldn't utter about the one who could not be named on the "other forum"....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Spanish Peaks, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Spanish Peaks

    Spanish Peaks New Member

    Oct 24, 2011
    Like the distinguished list of posters here, I was banned on the "other forum," for using the heretical blasphemous word "inventory." In a nutshell,
    I posted that I lacked patience and that waiting on my new Ed Brown from the "one who could not be named," (at least by me) was maddening. This
    was before the wait times were pushed back. Now that, you know who," has Ed Brown inventory, if you lack patience, why wait? This isn't a sales
    pitch. It is reality.

    Anyway, everyone is by now familiar with the bias toward one seller on the 1911 forum. It is nice to see PastorDW reading the other side of the story. The other seller complained to me a long time ago about, you know who's then threat to accumulate inventory. He understood, unlike his minions,
    that it would cripple his sales once someone combined his prices with availability. It was obvious to him and he waged what seems to me to be an unfair campaign against free enterprise. When low prices worked in his favor, when he was able to mine the 1911 forum and pm every newbie on the Ed Brown forum, free enterprise was good because it was profitable. When he suddenly had competition, he didn't want to give up his last advantage, the baited field, if you will, of the 1911 forum. Otherwise, he couldn't compete. He has no advertising, no store front, and no inventory. His market seems to come entirely from the Ed Brown portion of the 1911 forum. He schemed more than Goldman Sachs in the mortgage debacle against his competition and I told him when he called me that I thought it was restraint of trade. I posted that on the forum and was summarily banned again under yet, another name. Truthfully, I wasn't that enamored of the 1911 forum but I you hate to see a friend screwed; so you fight the good fight. I wasn't making money being sneaky. The other seller was.

    For instance, he knew me under another name and sent me a couple of private messages trying to sell me an Ed Brown. But, when I emailed him back, offering to sell him one, I was banned for being a troll. Then, I was banned, under another name, for, no reason given, although it could only have been because I used the word, "inventory." Why would the owner of the site care about the word inventory?

    The word could only hurt one poster. It is the offer what for most buyers will be the better mouse trap and the other seller did his damnedest behind the scenes to eliminate his competition by unfair means. The banned posters here are the proof of that.

    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. Inventory, inventory, and more inventory. For whom the bell tolls? Jerry, it tolls for thee.

    Before it is over, the nasty word inventory will probably suck me into another Ed Brown. At the moment, I just can't decide which model. However,
    inventory helped me get 2 LB's, (more about them when I have time) that are tremendous values and both have excellent triggers.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest
  2. dilespla

    dilespla Never made it to step 12 Supporting Addict

    Oct 12, 2011

  3. thecableguy

    thecableguy I hate this addiction Supporting Addict

    Aug 16, 2011
    All that crying and getting people banned and threads erased will bite him in the ass. He can get cry and call foul all he wants but that is just one forum out of many. The members that were banned are not just going away quietly as shown in this forum. Oh well.

    By the way :welcometo: SP

    CRAZY JOHN New Member

    Sep 7, 2011
    Wisdom from a friend. :thumb:
  5. Hokie

    Hokie Active Member

    Aug 17, 2011
    Welcome aboard. :thumb:
  6. Earlsbud

    Earlsbud Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Aug 28, 2011
    Who? Who has an udder? Jerry? Jerry who? Other sight? Front sight? Rear sight? Who is Ed Brown? Goldman is Jerry's broker? His pastor is involved? What does this have to do with Glock? Do I need an interpreter? I don't Peaks Spanish.
    Welcome! I'm sure I'll get it all straight eventually. Nice to have you here.
  7. Bender

    Bender Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Aug 15, 2011
    Wisdom beyond your years,.........welcome aboard! :biggrin1:
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2011
  8. LBC45

    LBC45 In Therapy, no hope

    Sep 8, 2011
    Welcome to a great forum. Regards.
  9. Mythree

    Mythree Banned Supporting Addict

    Oct 9, 2011
    Welcome, not sure why you aren't naming the guy - who gives a crap...
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2011
  10. DAT85

    DAT85 BIG OL' BALD HAID ! Supporting Addict

    Aug 26, 2011

    Looks like you know what the "other"forum was all about.

    Welcome to the"LAND OF THE BANNED! "

  11. Blayglock

    Blayglock Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Aug 18, 2011
    Welcome!! May your stay be long, your trigger short, and your groups small!
  12. GeorgiaRedfish

    GeorgiaRedfish Well-Known Member

    Aug 19, 2011
    Long triggers are better.
  13. Trent

    Trent Site Founder Staff Member Admin

    Aug 15, 2011
  14. Dwe

    Dwe I'm a terminal 1911 Addict!

    Sep 4, 2011
    Welcome brother.

  15. Spanish Peaks

    Spanish Peaks New Member

    Oct 24, 2011
    Indeed, I do feel welcome. It is a nice feeling not to be banned for what seems obvious and common sense about inventory.

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