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    A well known university had just completed installation of what was felt to be the most leading edge computer in the world. As might be expected, a number of senior members of the faculty were pushing back against the change.

    The administration decided it might help if the computer were "introduced" to skeptical faculty members by inviting them to interact with the computer. Someone suggested that a YouTube video should be made in order to publicize the event, thought by all to be a good idea.

    At the appointed time, the faculty group was ushered into the room. The operator told the group about all the enhancements that could be brought to campus life by advancing technology, etc., etc.

    Eventually he invited someone from the faculty group to volunteer and ask the computer a question. After a lot of hesitation, an old, gruffy professor asked, "Where is my father?"

    It it's synthesized voice "Your father is trout fishing in Montana" replied the computer.

    "AHA" shouted the professor, "My father has been dead for 20 Years!" The operator, slightly puzzled, suggested that the professor phrase the question a little differently.

    A bit triumphantly, the professor asked, "Where is the husband of my mother?"

    The computer, "The husband of your mother has been dead for 20 years. However, your father is still trout fishing in Montana,"
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    Good one LK! For a hot second I thought it was going to be a rift from the old “tennis elbow” joke lol.

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