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    I recently bought a Dan Wesson Wraith after finding a good deal on one locally. Prior to this gun I’ve owned Colt, Springfield, Remington , Les Baer, Wilson Combat and Ed Brown but this is the first Dan Wesson I’ve personally owned. When I was picking out a new 1911 since I already own quite a few I had to find something different to justify the purchase. I have never owned a 1911 with a threaded barrel or one in 9mm.

    Initially I wasn’t sure how I felt about the finish but it continues to grow on me a little more every time I look at it or shoot it. It doesn’t hurt that others have complimented it and been drawn to it more than some of more expensive 1911’s. Also the finish has held up so far without any easy scratching or early holster wear. The stippling on both the front strap and main spring housing is course but comfortable and secure with a grip and the front Stap is higher than some of my other 1911s that stop short or do not go all the way to the grip panels which I find frustrating. The safety is a medium profile one sided safety which is my personal preference and has a very affirmative click on and off without any play and is firm yet easy to move with one hand and would give me no gripes if this safety was even on one of my Wilson’s.
    As far as taking the gun down the parts feel like they are very secure and require a firm press to take apart but are no where close the pain that my Les baers give me when trying to take them apart.
    As far as accuracy, this was my first 1911 with suppressor height sight on it so I initially had some hesitation and thought I would have a difficult time adjusting to the difference as it felt awkward looking down them for the first time. They are Ameriglo night sights that are quite easy to pick up. After one magazine through the gun I already had confidence in my accuracy and within a few magazines through the gun, could put groups on paper slightly better than any of my colts that I own. The trigger has a very clean and predictable break, and I would say is very comparable to my Les Baer Thunder Ranch or concept V, but I would say it may be about a half pound to pound heavier. As far as shooting it was very comfortable and I was very surprised how much I enjoyed shooting 9mm out of a full size 1911 and I do think I will strongly consider getting a 9mm 1911 if I was to buy another one in the near future. With the comfort of the light shooting 9mm I could probably extend my shooting sessions since after around 200 rounds of 45, I tend to call it a day due to some mild discomfort.

    Now for my few negatives for the gun, which are just my opinion.. I have never shot or owned a gun with a thread protector but I did feel as if it loosened up fairly often and know that in 200 rounds a tightened it twice hand tight. I never attempted to tighten it as much as I could however, as I wasn’t sure if that was the best thing to do either. Also the Magwell which is very functional and works well does have some slight play in it of possibly 3mm. Now it doesn’t rattle or shake about, but even gentle pressure will move it(which is probably just me being over critical).

    This handgun did have some pleasant upgrades such as the match grade barrel which is coated nicely and seems to be holding up well, it has a serrated slide top, and does come with some nice grips which appear to be g10, however I personally may consider changing them just based on personal preference.

    Overall I would recommend Dan Wesson based on this experience as this is the first production gun I have ever owned that I felt I could make comparisons reasonable with the semi-customs I own without a doubt knowing that the comparison was close or even equal at a few points. With all this said, I do believe this model is one of Dan Wesson’s highest MSRP handguns and I do know of a few places I could get a Les Baer for relatively the same cost.

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    Nice write up Wyatt.
    I would contact Dan Wesson about that Magwell, as it should not be loose.
    They will take care of you.

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    Really great review buddy!

    DW will fix that magwell up for you

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