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New post since prior one expired: I'm looking for one of these LNIB.... In Duty Coat. The one with the bull barrel and heartwood grips.
So if you have one buried in your safe and you are ok parting with it... Let me know. Perhaps we can do some business.... Like this..

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood Gun accessory
Product Air gun Wood Trigger Line

(Photos borrowed with permission)

I hate to add this but.... Please don't bother responding with an offer unless you are a member of this forum in good standing with feedback and references from other members. I have reputation here and want to deal with members who have the same….
Apologies in advance but there's too many scammers lurking...

I’m aware DL Supplies has them NIB for $2K…. That just seems half way to a WC I have my eye on…but if a member here has one just slumbering in a safe and would like to jumpstart their next custom build fund…please reach out.

Thanks for your time and patience.

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