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Hello addicts ... not interested in starting a thread on the merits/concerns of MIM components ... just looking for a Glock 26 Gen 3 with non-MIM components (machined locking block, striker, extractor, and frame rails) for a collection. Prefer factory new (unfired but from the factory) and in stock condition, but pistols in like new and stock condition with just a few hundred through them would be considered as well.

If you are not sure what you have, here is a picture that shows a non-MIM extractor on a Glock 26. Notice they are solid looking and not of the loaded chamber indicator (LCI) type. I understand Glock may have made some machined LCI extractors early on in the transition, not sure about that, but either way I am looking for the older design shown. If yours looks like this and the pistol is factory stock, you may have what I am looking for.

Inkedglock26 008_LI.jpg

If you have a safe queen and are looking to off-load it -- let me know. I will be picky, so please provide good pictures showing overall condition and close-ups of the extractor, top of the locking block, frame rails and a picture of the striker that shows the machining marks. Also, no dents or gouges in the polymer around the pin holes please.
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