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WTB TT Gunleather or Milt Sparks IWB for EDC X9

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Hey guys I’m looking for one of the 2 holsters mentioned for an EDC X9 no rail IWB. I’m looking for black with shark trim if not it’s no deal breaker. If you have something shoot me a PM and see if we can work something out. Thanks!

I will only deal with a vetted member so you best have references from other members. I don’t want your 2nd uncle daddies cousins email or phone number.
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Bumping this one back up. Surely someone has one sitting collecting dust!
Changed the ad to only be for an EDC-X9 as I ordered a commander holster this morning.
Still just a looking here guys!
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This is like the only WTB ad I've had thats had zero response! Bump
Don’t need this anymore.
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