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Could use 1 or 2 really, used is fine, snapped front foot is ok. Need 1 or 2 extended ejectors, would like to pay around $5 each, or so, or trade for other parts. A few other Parts needed. Just need these last few things to finish a budget 9mm build.

Plunger tube , pulled ,a little squashed is ok, I can mandrel it probably
Extended ejector, or cheapo standard, I suppose i can solder on a bit if need be
Grip screws & bushings, stripped ok.
One or two piece commander length recoil guide or full guide rod
Light 1911 spring(s) for 9mm, etc.

Llama 45& or 9mm extractor, external.

I have lots of parts to trade, too many to list.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts