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    Jan 19, 2014
    DBE1FF72-63D7-4B78-8062-3955E7E63184.jpeg 182EAD48-52FA-4AF0-865C-3CD064524D5C.jpeg 26E97B47-CD05-4713-A3FC-D3B8648DC2A5.jpeg C7F08C27-186D-49A4-9812-F8B5728143EC.jpeg 4E38CA03-8184-4283-9A1D-7FB82D552436.jpeg 1CCEC9CE-F761-47A1-9EA7-4070EB283672.jpeg C33B0C91-5104-453F-AC02-1B797ACAC1AB.jpeg 43BE0B69-0608-480A-8C20-D6896B7A81C1.jpeg Figured I would post this one last time before I end up just keeping it. Looking to trade my Springfield professional operator (2011 build with “wet” finish). Gun has approximately 800 rounds down the tube and is still very snug. Comes with original case, mags and certificate. It has some minor wear on the rail from a x300 and very minor wear on the slide.

    I am looking for :

    Pro operator 9MM
    Warren tactical 9MM
    Wilson/nighthawk commander 9mm

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  2. bdg501

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    Jan 19, 2014
    9E5EB8DA-598A-4E1F-9D5B-4C9E60DC80D9.jpeg I should add that it will come with the factory grips and two chip McCormick 10 round mags
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