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XC Buffer?

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XC owners, do you guys run a recoil buffer?

if so what # spring do you run with it?

Does it come with a buffer from Staccato?

If you do run one, why?

If it is recommended, what kind (material) do you use and where do you get them from?

as always thank you to this community for their insight and willingness to answer a 2011 newbie’s plethora of questions.
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Per the staccato website FAQ page;

Can I use a “shock buff” with my Staccato 2011® Pistol?
Do not use these with any Staccato 2011® pistols
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I use a shock buff and a 8lb recoil spring. Really like how cycling action feels and 8 pounder is more reliable in that gun.
If it is recommended, what kind (material) do you use and where do you get them from?
Staccato expressly states not to use them in their guns. Keep in mind that they are primarily a duty / defense oriented company now, and are not going to recommend or approve of anything that negatively affects reliability. And, the fact is that Shok-Buffs do reduce reliability to some degree (unless the gun/slide is designed and/or machined to use them from the start).

The primary issue is that they effectively short-stroke the gun, and can prevent the slide from locking back on the last round in some cases/guns. Even if you get slide lock, you may not be able to sling-shot the slide to chamber a round upon reload. Then of course there is the increased likelihood for FTE / FTF malfunctions. It may not be an issue on a gun that is well tuned, with everything in spec. However, if one or more components are worn and/or out of spec, a short-stroked gun can exacerbate those issues, resulting in the aforementioned malfunctions.

Conversely, those are really non-issues in the competition world, so you do see plenty of folks using them in that setting. Though, a lot of those are on Open guns running light springs and major PF ammo. So, the bottom line is that they do work as advertised and prevent excessive wear / peening between the slide frame and provide a bit of added protection in the event of an over-pressure round...but with slightly decreased reliability/functionality (potentially) as the trade-off.

For me, I skip them on SD/HD/carry guns but do run them in my XC, Costa, and Omni. Those are lightly-sprung range/comp toys only, that get fed +P ammo.
I use the Wilson blue ones, which seem to hold up the best, and are not as thick as others. YMMV...
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Also, regardless if you run them or not, it's important to confirm that there is no coil-bind when replacing springs. Recoil spring lengths can vary quite a bit, especially when comparing different manufacturers. A quick test to confirm that the rear face of the slide's plug tunnel makes contact with the face of the guide rod (or buff) is key. If the spring reaches full compression / bind before the slide and guide (or buff) make contact, your spring is too long, and needs to be trimmed.
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