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Hit the range last night... I was standing in front of the safe and couldn't decide what to take so I took a little variety!!

I picked up the Baer Ultimate Master from Mark at Texas Patriot a month or so back and had never shot it, well I was impressed. 0 issues and ran like a sewing machine. I really liked the blended magwell and the under the trigger guard serrations. I've been off Baer for a while but this one may have me coming back!! Mark @ Texas Patriot has a couple of no reserve auctions on a couple of Baers going... I may have to place a bid or 2. http://www.gunbroker.com/All/BI.aspx?Sort=4&IncludeSellers=1117426&PageSize=25

The NH Korth is an absolute dream to shoot (thanks Tyler! ). I'm not a big wheel gun guy but have had a few Pythons over the years and this is the first revolver I've shot that beat out my Python. As you draw the hammer back for single action you can tell immediately there's something different about this gun. One of my biggest weaknesses in shooting is anything double action, well it doesn't seem to be a problem for me with the Korth. Everything at 7 yards was 9 ring!

What can you say about a Yost Hi Power ! She's the prettiest girl at the dance and she always says YES! Yost makes the Hi Power trigger everything it's supposed to be and can be. 0 over travel and just a GREAT clean crisp break. And of course, she is a beautiful blue with awesome hints of Nitre Blued throughout.

Last but not least the Beretta M9A3, not much to say other than I really like the grip angle. I think with a little Wilson trigger work this may be a keeper!

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