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your dream 1911 if it was gonna be mass produced??

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Hey guys, if TALO or company similar decided to do a 1911 gunsmith edition. What would be your choice??? Something along the lines of the Wiley Clapp, but one of our here 1911 smiths were in charge, and they could spec out the gun however they wanted tol, to give the most useful features for the money? I think this woulod be the most interesting series of guns yet. I personally would like to see a Pete Single edition.Pete has the machine skills for sure, and he also know what maks a tasteful 1911 to boot. I have one of his us and the reliability is amazing. LINES ARE ALL STRAIGHT and it is everything I hoped it would be!You cant just purchase one of his custom guns, but this would give a lot of people a chance to experience his work! That's my 2 centson what would make a killer Talo special eition gun that would sell as fast as they could make them!!!
Anybody else have ideas on wat would make a a killer collectible Gunsmith Gun offered to the public By Talo? or another competitor???
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A basic GI pistol with a checkered front strap, gold dot front sight and a bobbed hammer.
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