Your thoughts on keeping same grip & thumb safety, triggers and grips.

Discussion in 'Gear Talk' started by bw210, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. bw210

    bw210 Active Member

    Aug 23, 2011
    So I've been reading more and more about how you should be consistent with the same grip & thumb safeties, along with triggers and grips on all of your 1911's so each time you grip and draw, you will have the same hold. I've been wondering about this and while it seems good in theory, I like some variation whether for looks or specific want for a specific gun.

    I am not LEO nor do I compete(although I want to, just can't find the time to commit) so the most stress I encounter with a firearm is when I have to go through some "ghetto" areas of surrounding towns for service calls for work.

    I was just looking for some feedback and/or opinions since most of my 1911's are SA, so they share the same grip safety, thumb safety and trigger, but not trigger pull. I really haven't noticed much if any change in grip & hold when firing my other 1911's.

    Your thoughts?
  2. 230gr

    230gr Active Member

    Aug 23, 2011
    I know the grip safety on my Taurus doens't like my grip with the thumb over safety, I don't have enough meat in my girly hands to get it to release. I've worked on lightening the sear spring under the BT as well as the BT tang to give it a little more clearance on the trigger bow. My Springfield is good to go...I found it a necessity that the same grip work both guns because I do swap carry guns on occasion.

  3. Quack

    Quack it's mmm, mmm good... Staff Member Admin

    Aug 15, 2011
    I prefer to keep everything pretty similar, mainly a flat triggers, 10-8 rear sights and full checkered Cocobolo grips.

    For carry guns, I prefer Ed Brown single sided safeties.

    As for grip safeties, it doesn't matter to me, just as long as it's a BTGS.
  4. rsxr22

    rsxr22 Member

    Aug 17, 2011
    As much consistency as possible is the goal! BTGS dont matter to me as long as they have a big hump like on WC's. I found the one that came on my STI Spartan does not disengage all the time with my grip. I really dont have to hard a time transitioning if any between 1911's. I have flat triggers, but i could still grab a curved trigger 1911 and it will still feel good. My transition issues come from going back and forth from Glock and 1911's
  5. wrx04

    wrx04 Member

    Aug 24, 2011
    I'm actually in the process of switching over my guns to similar setups at the moment. Thin grips, short trigger, 10-8 rear, tritium front. I can tell a difference between the thumb safety on my wilson compared to STI and Baer.....i like the wider ones on the latter better, but i think im gonna stick with the stock ts on the cqb.

    From my experience, I think the trigger and sight picture is the most beneficial to keep the same between guns. Grip safety, thumb safety, and actual grips....not so much.
  6. rsxr22

    rsxr22 Member

    Aug 17, 2011
    I have started to notice differences between slide stops as well! I am personally very fond of the entire parts setup on my CQB except for the 2 piece magwell. I would like from now on to do Heine's or Chen's on all of my future builds. Maybe S&A but I have had bad experiences with them getting bent. The new NH magwell looks extremely nice, but i hate how WC and NH do not round it, so grips overhang!
    Anyway with the SS', On my WC an NH they are both shelf style, but the WC is much more subdued, and i find myself not getting slide lock a lot with the NH because of finger placement.

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