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Zev Hypercomp with Extras

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The wife and I essentially do all our shooting in USPSA. This is the last of our pistols that have essentially been safe queens and we are making available for sale to someone that will actually shoot with it.

This is a Zev Hypercomp with 800 rounds through the barrel. It’s been very reliable and enjoyable to shoot. Included;

- 2 grip modules: compact and X-grip (shown with x-grip installed)
-Holosun 508T
- 4 mags: 2 with basepads from Henning, 1 standard Glock mag and 1 mag that fits the compact grip.

Asking $1,150 shipped to your FFL. Preferred payment is through Zelle. Shipment will occur after receipt of payment.

currently not interested in any trades.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gas Auto part
Black Air gun Trigger Machine gun Font
Handwriting Office equipment Font Material property Laptop

Tool Material property Gas Gun barrel Luggage and bags

Font Cosmetics Musical instrument accessory Office equipment Tool
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Agreed in PMs that I will take this. Was just confirming local pickup availability.
Not typical forum etiquette but okay!
Accept my sincere apologies. I was doing all this on my phone and handling my 5yr old. Completely missed your post.
We are all friends here. Or at least friendly.
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Smokin deal here……congrats
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