Zoid's last acquisition before the purge . . . . .

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by ZoidMeister, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. rmac

    rmac Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Jan 26, 2016
    Forgot to vote.
    Darker walnut for me.
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  2. TexasBB

    TexasBB Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Nov 23, 2014
    I like the darker grips.

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  3. fallenangelhim

    fallenangelhim chicken wings

    Jan 18, 2018
    Definitely light mahogany
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  4. razorbacker

    razorbacker Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Dec 2, 2011
    Want contrast or blend?
    blend =Walnut
    I prefer contrast.
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  5. Mike0707

    Mike0707 JMB fan

    Apr 11, 2019
    My preference is the darker set...... FWIW / YMMV :)
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  6. Caspian

    Caspian Chief Steward of Man Law

    Sep 18, 2019
    I gotz lotsa hammers. Send me your ring and I'll see what I can do. ;)
  7. Uncle Bob

    Uncle Bob Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2017

    Lighter look better, darker is more "classic". Nope, leave it alone until things "settle" down and you've conducted the purge. Z, just keep the peace for the meantime, we don't need to hear about about the Z man going through more Kaa Kaa then he needs to!
  8. FWoo45

    FWoo45 Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2017
    Mahogany. Great pick up either way. My congrats to Curly either way.
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  9. JM44

    JM44 Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Feb 2, 2018
    Congrats Z!

    I tend to agree with @Badabing11 assessment on the grips
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  10. Dub

    Dub born in the wrong century

    Mar 19, 2017
    Very nice! Wish those were still in production.

    You can’t go wrong with either set of grips.

    I tend to prefer the lighter set by a small margin.
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  11. Slapshot

    Slapshot Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2017
  12. Old Sea Dragon

    Old Sea Dragon Well-Known Member

    Feb 10, 2018
    Lighter grips appeal to me more. Congratulations on the pistol.
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  13. toms84ss

    toms84ss New Member

    Nov 25, 2018
    I like the lighter grips. I have a ring hammer if you still need one. I'd swap for your spur hammer if your interested.
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  14. boatdoc

    boatdoc Well-Known Member

    Aug 3, 2015
    congrats on violating your parole before it even started--a true addict if there was ever one.
    sweet gun .like the darker grips but prefer the lighter ones myself

    enjoy while you can ;)
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  15. Eddie D

    Eddie D Well-Known Member

    Mar 2, 2020
    I too like the dark but would keep the lighter on her
  16. Capthobo

    Capthobo NRA Endowment member Supporting Addict

    Nov 9, 2016
    Congrats on your new BHP Z. Hope your .40 supply is up. Shopping is slim.
    Mahogany for me.
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  17. Adam13

    Adam13 Well-Known Member

    Jun 27, 2020
    Darker grips for sure!
    I am looking at BHP myself. Good example there!

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  18. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Consider my signature line before replying . . . .

    Dec 4, 2014

    Yeah, all this talk about handgun ammo being in short supply, pshaw . . . . .

    I was at Bass Pro this morning and they had PLENTY of handgun ammo . . . . .



  19. 1911chrisa

    1911chrisa Member

    Aug 3, 2020
    Those dark ones look good to me.
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  20. Icopy

    Icopy Member

    Aug 11, 2020

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