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Zoid's Single 1911 Display / Photography Stand presents your favorite 1911 onto a decorative oak base for photography or display. My 1911 display, photography, and storage stands are all individually hand crafted . . . . mainly because I don’t have a full-epic wood shop filled with CNC routers, industrial table saws, manly drill presses, electrostatic paint booths, planers, CNC controlled lathes, and/or other testosterone fueled toolage. Wood crafting is a hobby which is new to me, and dovetails I think, perfectly with my other passion - collecting 1911 style pistols.

I am ALWAYS willing to discuss with you any custom options / sizes / configurations that you might need. I can do that no problem. Custom orders will add 5 to 6 days to my shipping time, as I need to construct and polyurethane your unique stand individually. Stands listed come stock with full size 1911 magazine posts.

Of course, any firearms shown in my listings are to illustrate the items intended use and are NOT included in the sale.

I have many more sizes and configurations to suite your needs. Check out my other listings and take a look at ZoidsHandiWerk on Etsy.com

$25 + shipping ($8 flat rate, regardless quantity of stands ordered)

PM me here if you need any not yet listed, or want a custom configuration.


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Wood Hardwood Flooring Tan Wood stain

Wood Hardwood Flooring Floor Wood stain

Wood Hardwood Plywood Creative arts Wood stain

Wood Pattern Hardwood Beige Tan
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